The Stonewall Inn today (Photo by Spencer Platt -Getty Images)

We will not be silenced!

According to the New York Daily News, a peaceful demonstration outside of Stonewall Inn in New York ended in police brutality on Thursday night.

The event has become a weekly staple for activists since the summer and features an array of LGBTQ+ people and speakers coming together to sing, speak on issues, and bring awareness to the community.

During Thursday’s demonstration, over 100 bicycle police officers were said to be present.

While marching from Stonewall Inn to Union Square the protest quickly changed from peaceful to chaotic after police began charging demonstrators leading to at least three people being arrested.

Joel Rivera, a featured trans performer and one of the organizers of the weekly event, was arrested during the police interference.

“Stonewall was a riot! Stonewall was a riot! Why was I attacked?” Rivera said.

Reporter Roger Stern opened up about the traumatic evening, stating: “I don’t understand once we were off the road why they charged us.”

He continued: “It was peaceful. I was hit by one of the (police) bikes. I’m all right. I’m all right”.

NYPD defended the actions of their police officers via Twitter stating: “Tonight while performing their duties near Bond St & Broadway in Manhattan, an officer was pushed to the ground & had this chain pressed against his throat.”

21-year-old protester Aaron Gamman discussed the high police involvement during the recent demonstrations stating: ” This is the weekly Stonewall bash.”

“Tensions are bit high besides the election, the last two nights police have inserted themselves into peaceful protests and done their usual thing, which wrongfully arrests people,” he continued.