“I now want to be open about the fact that I have made the difficult decision not to run”

The 38-year-old politician opened up about dealing with numerous challenges over the past few months, including depression.

In a statement released on Twitter, Johnson states: “I am sharing this because I know from experience the value of speaking honestly about one’s struggles. I’ve been open about my sobriety, which along with my partner and mother, has been instrumental to me during this difficult time, and my HIV status.”

He continued: “Too often mental health issues are shrouded in secrecy and stigmas, which causes people struggling with these issues to feel alone.”

Johnson first made headlines in 2019 as an openly gay and H.I.V. positive candidate for the 2021 mayoral race.

“It’s a big decision, but I am thinking about a potential people-powered Mayoral run.” he said on Twitter in January of last year.

Although Johnson is stepping out of the race, this doesn’t mean he’ll stop his “public life” explaining: “I will continue serving as a Speaker of the City Council and working to improve the lives of New Yorkers.”

The ongoing pandemic has created a new normal for people all over the world. The virus and all its changes have not only affected public figures like Johnson but also New York City residents and their mental health.

In a newly released report, the NYC health department states: ” NYC adults report symptoms of anxiety-related to COVID-19; and many report symptoms of depression in the past two weeks.”

Bill de Blasio will leave his position as Mayor of New York City in 2021.

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