Guillaume Paumier via Wikimedia

Many parents in the UK would still take issue with having an LGBTQ child.

New research from LGBTQ homelessness charity akt (formerly Albert Kennedy Trust) and YouGov has found that over one quarter (26%) of UK adults disagreed that they would feel ‘proud’ to have an LGBTQ child.

It also found that more than one in ten (11%) would feel uncomfortable living at home with their child aged under 18 if they came out as LGBTQ, and 14% would not want their child to bring home a same-sex partner.

Elsewhere in the survey, almost three in ten (28%) said they wouldn’t be willing to change the pronouns they used for their child if they came out as trans.

It wasn’t just personal views that factored into the results of the poll, as one fifth of respondents said they’d worry about how family members would respond to them having an LGBTQ child.

Previous research from akt found that 24% of homeless people aged 16 to 25 identified as LGBTQ, and more than three quarters (77%) of them cited abuse and rejection from family as a reason for losing their homes.

“These figures barely capture the heart-breaking realities we hear every day from the young people that akt is here to support,” said Tim Sigsworth, CEO of akt.

“Up to a quarter of young homeless people living in the UK identify as LGBT, and 77 per cent of those find themselves in their predicament because of a hostile or unsafe environment at home.

People often talk about the ‘unconditional love’ that parents have for their children, however we know first-hand that in many cases, the act of coming out can result in parental rejection and abuse for many young people.

“akt is here to support LGBTQ+ young people into safe homes and better futures, and work toward a world where no young person has to choose between having a roof over their head and being who they are. 

“We hope that shedding a light on some of these issues with our polling will help raise awareness and spark something in people to do what they can to help end LGBTQ+ youth homelessness here in the UK.”

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