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If the new bill passes it will force teachers and doctors to tell a child’s parents if they’re not conforming to the “manner” of their “biological sex.”

The new bill, HB658, is being brought forward by two Republicans, Thomas Brinkman and Paul Zeltwanger.

The bill itself reads: “If a government agent or entity has knowledge that a child under its care or supervision has exhibited symptoms of gender dysphoria or otherwise demonstrates a desire to be treated in a manner opposite of the child’s biological sex, the government agent or entity with knowledge of that circumstance shall immediately notify, in writing, each of the child’s parents and the child’s guardian or custodian.

“The notice shall describe the total circumstances with reasonable specificity.”

The bill also has some more worrying clauses. Further parts of it will ban schools from referring to a child who identifies as transgender or non-binary with the correct pronouns unless they have permission from the child’s parents. It will also give parents the right to block any transgender-related treatment for their children indefinitely.

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The bill has been condemned by LGBTQ activists. Equality Ohio said: “Ohio’s HB658 is the latest attempt by anti-LGBTQ extremists in Ohio to codify explicit second-class citizenship for LGBTQ people, only this time, they are targeting transgender youth.

“We already have a legal standard of how we treat kids in Ohio – we treat them in accordance with their best interest. Period.

“The state policing of behaviour opens a can of worms. Who is the judge of which gender is allowed to do what? If Jane signs up for shop class, will her parents receive a government letter? If Jordan doesn’t want to play football, do his parents get a letter? What if Alex wants to attend a meeting of the student LGBTQ group – does the school email that to Alex’s parents?

“Just what stereotypes are they expected to enforce?

“In targeting transgender children, the bill authors create a ridiculous and unenforceable requirements – requirements that out transgender students and create a significant threat of bullying and reduced access to social support systems.”

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The group further added: “This bill is anti-trans youth. It’s attacking our most vulnerable.

“A few cynical politicians are trying to drum up fear and division about transgender youth and their families at a time when we need more love, respect, and kindness.

“This unnecessary and discriminatory bill does nothing to support youth and families.

“In fact, it puts the livelihoods of some of our most vulnerable youth – transgender youth – further at risk with bullying and discrimination by potentially forcing teachers to out them.”

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