US adults generally support LGBTQ+ issues being taught in schools and children having access to gender-affirming care, according to a new study.

More than 50% of adults who took part in the survey said that they opposed blocking students from accessing LGBTQ+ resources when using their school’s internet.

As well as this, a majority favoured school libraries stocking books with LGBTQ+ topics and themes of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Nearly 40 per cent stated that students should start learning about these issues from the age of five to 11, when they are in primary school.

Children being able to access gender-affirming care, such as puberty blockers, was also supported by a majority of respondents if it was recommended by a doctor and supported by their parents.

Roughly 30 per cent of those who took part in the survey believe that lawmakers should be able to prohibit gender-affirming care for those under the age of 19, regardless of what is recommended by medical experts.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, more than 300 anti-LGBTQ+ bills are currently being put forward across the United States.

Sam Ames, director of advocacy and government affairs for The Trevor Project, said: “This poll emphasises just how out of step recent political attacks aimed at LGBTQ students and their families are with public opinion. A majority of adults reject the government overreach we’re witnessing across the country – whether it’s banning books, censoring school curriculums, or intervening in medical care decisions that are best left to doctors and parents.”

The poll, which was released by The Trevor Project on 30 March, was carried out by Morning Consult in February 2022.

More than 2,000 adults in America were interviewed, with their responses being analysed to gain an understanding on how they feel about LGBTQ+ legislation and policy.