Creative director and stylist Love Bailey has claimed that Marilyn Manson once threatened her with a gun and called her a homophobic slur.

The artist bravely shared a video of her alleged abuse story in an effort to support the actresses that have brought their sexual abuse allegations to light.

Bailey is now the ninth woman to step forward with allegations of abuse against Brian Hugh Warner who is better known as Marilyn Manson.

This is not the first time Bailey has raised concerns over Manson’s behaviour. The stylist made claims against the alleged perpetrator in 2017.

Bailey posted her five minute long video on Tuesday evening (2 February) recounting the lead up to the event and the traumatic scenes she says she witnessed.

The artist described how she rushed to help a disoriented actress, in Manson’s bedroom, who was “blackout wasted” and “not coherent at all”.

As fresh allegations have been made towards Manson, Bailey confirmed online she has received death threats for wanting to speak out, but feels her time is now.

In the Instagram video, the stylist said: “I feel it’s a pressing matter to speak directly to the camera and tell my testimony of what really happened the night I met Marilyn Manson.”

Bailey began her testimony outlining the professional reason why she had access to Manson in 2011 when the event of abuse took place.

According to her recount, Bailey, then aged 20, was at Jeffrey Deitch’s house and followed an unnamed actress to Marilyn Manson’s recording studio, on Santa Monica Boulevard, where she had been hired to dress an actress for a photoshoot.

“I was 20 years old, I was a young naive stylist just trying to make a name for myself, and here I am, in the presence of what I thought were my heroes; Marilyn Manson. I looked up to his music until then, until that instance,” Bailey explained in her video.

Bailey outlined how she was called “to go into Marilyn’s boudoir” and while inside rushed to help an unnamed actress that was “blackout wasted”.

“And I don’t know if this was from pills, she was not coherent at all,” Bailey claimed. “She was stumbling over, she hurt her knee on the bedside table and Marilyn laughed at her. He just let her crawl on the floor.”

Bailey became emotional as she reflected on the moment of abuse: “I ran over to help [the actress] and as I’m holding [the actress] and trying to get her balance with her, Marilyn pulls a gun to my head, a big Glock, a metal Glock on it not a toy gun,” she alleged.

“This is a real gun and he pulls a Glock straight to my forehead and says ‘I don’t like f*ggots’ as he laughs in this really dark, aggressive tone. This wasn’t a joke. This wasn’t a humorous behaviour, or something to take lightly. I remember being stunned in that moment. I felt powerless.”

As the video came to an end, Bailey finished her testimony with a message of strength and solidarity with the other abuse victims.

“I’m finally brave enough to come out about this after all these years because of Evan’s (Evan Rachel Wood) testimony,” Bailey said.

“For so many years I’ve been silenced into not saying anything because of the fashion industry because of these people on these photographers that will blacklist you for mentioning their name.

“Now I think it’s time I think it’s time I I come clean about my story and my experience. If my voice can help save a life in doing, so if my voice can help other victims come forward and stand in their truth.

“I know that in my power in my truth. So these men hold no power over me anymore. I’m sorry that it took so long to come out about this story, but I’m happy to share my truth and thank you for listening. Godspeed to those victims I stand with you. My heart goes out to you. I love you all.”

On Monday (1 February), five women (actress Evan Rachel Wood, musician Gabriella, photographer Ashley Walters, and models Sarah McNeilly and Ashley Lindsay Morgan) issued statements of how Manson allegedly abused them.

You can watch Love Bailey’s video testimony here.