Super Drama (Facebook)

A new LGBTQ record label is launching in the UK next month to increase visibility for queer artists in the music industry.

According to a press release, 51-53 “seeks to embolden, empower and embrace LGBTQ+ people in electronic music and highlight the genre’s rich heritage within queer culture.”

The label is named after the address of the iconic Stonewall Inn in New York City and aims to take on “the rebellious spirit of that landmark day in 1969 that marks the start of the gay rights movement.”

London-based duo – and Dalston Superstore favourites – Super Drama will launch the record label with an EP titled Excess, which will “shine a light” on the energy of the capital’s LGBTQ club scene.

“We’re both hyped to be the inaugural release on Fab’s gorgeous new label. Writing this record is a fun outlet for us to really touch upon our more outrageous tastes,” Super Drama said in a statement to Ransom Note.

“Getting our good friend and high priestess Kuntessa involved really amped it up. She’s one of East London’s finest strippers/pop stars and an even better vocalist!”

Super Drama said all three tracks on the EP will explore different queer parties in London such as “Adonis, Faboo or our home at Dalston Superstore” and pays tribute to the “amazing people who make them what they are.”

They added: “And in increasingly uncertain times it’s even more important we have a real community. To quote James St. James ‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom, Blake, William.’”

Excess will be available on 1 June via digital and vinyl to coincide with the start of Pride Month.

You can pre-order the EP here and listen to previews of each track below.