Earlier this week a third gay man was subject to a homophobic attack in Paris.

LGBTQ groups are set to take to the streets of Paris today to protest the recent rise of homophobic attacks in the capital. The protest comes following the third homophobic attack in just over one month.

The protests have been organised by the groups SOS Homophobia and Inter-LGBT, and the protests will call for “concrete” action to be taken to tackle the problem. One of their suggestions is a national awareness campaign on the issue.

Just earlier this week Guillaume Mélanie, the president of the LGBTQ group Urgence Homophobie, was attacked after leaving a restaurant. Posting on Twitter following the attack, he wrote: “Homophobic attack outside a restaurant. Nose broken. Shocked. Blood everywhere. I’m homosexual and this is 2018.”

Speaking to BFMTV following the attack, Mélanie said: “There was hatred in his eyes. He pushed one of our refugees to get passed, he was told off ‘gently’ and that’s where he started shouting homophobic slurs.”

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Mélanie added that if he had been alone at the time of the attack, he would likely still be in an emergency room. He also called for the French government to take action, saying: “We really need justice, we need the Minister of Justice, we have to investigate our complaints, and as long as there is this feeling of impunity, we will get smashed.”

The attack on Mélanie came just a week after a gay couple were beaten up on the streets of Paris after sharing a kiss. CCTV caught the attack, and two men were arrested in connection with the assault.

Another gay couple were attacked on September 18 after hugging on the street. One of the victims, Arnaud Gagnoud, was hit with a motorcyle helmet during the assault.