Office of Congressman Jared Polis

Jared Polis has been sworn in as the Governor of Colorado.

The Democratic politician, who defeated Republican nominee Walker Stapleton in the November mid-term elections last year, has made history as he becomes the first openly gay man to serve as governor of a US state.

“I must begin by saying I am very conscious of the fact that there were many brave people over the years who made it possible for someone like me to be standing here giving a speech like this,” Jared said upon his inauguration.

“I am grateful and forever indebted to those who came before me – who struggled for equal rights, who stepped up for public service in all its forms, who made difficult sacrifices and worked faithfully toward a brighter future for our state, our nation, and our world.”

Jared reaffirmed his focus on education, accessible healthcare, and protecting the environment.

“Right now, our nation is experiencing a period of growing divisiveness and rising tribalism,” he continued, likely making reference to the controversial policies of the Trump administration.

“But here in Colorado, we choose a different path. Here, we have come so far, we have climbed so high, we have done so much, not just to say but to show that we reject the negative and divisive brand of politics.”

Jared’s partner and newly-appointed “first gentleman” Marlon Reis attended the ceremony along with their two children, Caspian and Cora.

Cyndi Lauper, who performed at Jared’s inauguration ball on Tuesday evening, called it a “monumental moment” in history.

During the 2016 elections, Kate Brown became the first openly bisexual person elected governor. She won her re-election in November. Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey came out as gay after he was elected.