The woman had gone in for a physical issue.

An Italian woman was prescribed an ex-gay book by her GP in Verona after she went in complaining about physical difficulties.

Speaking to the equal rights blog,, she said: “Between December and January I had a dark period in my life. I turned to my primary care physician, first of all, because I was physically ill due to stress and, secondly, because I realized that I needed someone to talk to.

“The doctor in question, besides having declared that he had always had doubts about my homosexuality for some time because of my haircut (oh yes, all the women with short hair are lesbians) was glad that I had finally come out.”

She continued, saying: “That said, he advised me to read a book by this guy who was gay but thanks to religion he became straight. Furthermore, he gave me the name of the association that takes care of those who have homosexual ATTITUDES.

“I was confused and astounded as it was not the help I had asked for. When I got home I threw all the notes he had passed on to me and only a few months ago I changed doctors.”


This is not the only time this has happened, as the woman explained: ” I think these words spoken by a doctor are serious.

“Also because, if I remember correctly, he told me that he had advised the same thing to another patient of his who was gay and he also returned to being straight. This means that I was not the first to whom he had tried to trim these crap.”

She says she told the story so it wouldn’t go “unnoticed”, adding: “Because in the future it could upset the life of someone who is weaker than me.”

Last year, a Swiss doctor, Jean Yves Henry faced an investigation, after claiming that homeopathy could cure homosexuality. Writing on his website, Henry said that homosexuality wasn’t “a pathology, but a particular symptom (lifestyle choice) of patients.”

He further claimed that “homosexuality is a way of avoiding this reality of the difference between the sexes” and that homeopathy contained “remedies” that could rid homosexuality.