Tom Daley has been praised for highlighting the homophobic laws that still exist in more than half of the Commonwealth countries.

The Olympian explored the topic in Tom Daley: Illegal to Be Me, which saw the 28-year-old travel to countries such as Jamaica and Pakistan to meet with LGBTQ+ athletes affected by the legislation.

The documentary, which aired on BBC One on 9 August, emphasised that 35 out of the 54 countries that competed at the Commonwealth Games still have anti-LGBTQ+ laws in place.

It has been met with widespread acclaim by viewers, with many noting Daley’s fearless approach to the subject as a highlight of the one-off episode.

“What makes Tom Daley stand out is that he understands how important it is as a gay guy in sport to use his platform to raise awareness of the plight queer people face,” one wrote on social media. “He doesn’t shy away from the tough questions or the bigot blowback.”

Another added: “#IllegalToBeMe A powerful, moving, and brilliant documentary with @TomDaley1994 showing the importance of engaging, listening to & empowering LGBTQ+ people from across the Commonwealth as we push for change, and the importance of visibility. Thank you!”

“Utmost respect for Tom Daley using his position to push for change and respect for LGBT rights,” a third said.

Aired the day after the Commonwealth Games drew to a close, it also gave insight into the moment Daley led athletes into the Opening Ceremony as they waved the Pride flag.

“He is a legend,” one viewer tweeted. “@TomDaley1994 using his platform to shine a light on the homophobic attitudes across the Commonwealth. The British exported this hate however such abhorrent views remain rife in the UK. Seeing the Pride flag at the Opening Ceremony is a step forward #IllegalToBeMe.”

“It was so moving to see this moment during the Opening Ceremony at #B2022. Representation matters,” said another.

“Now watching @TomDaley1994’s #IllegalToBeMe. It’s haunting to see the oppression that exists across the Commonwealth.

“The bravery of all speaking up & speaking out is inspiring.”

A third added: “OMG watching the opening ceremony was huge, but now watching #IllegalToBeMe and seeing behind the scenes of how important that was really does bring it home. Well done @TomDaley1994.”

Tom Daley: Illegal to Be Me is streaming now on BBC iPlayer.

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