Taylor Miller for Gay Times

Gus Kenworthy has no time for homophobes.

The openly gay Olympic freeskier took to Twitter to blast people who had an issue with an image of skiers carrying a giant rainbow flag, which was first shared on Instagram by Breckenridge Ski Resort to promote Breck Pride Week (3-7 April).

Gus also shared comments that several bigots had left on the photo, with many asking “Is there a week to celebrate everyone who is straight?” and others accusing the resort of “forcing” their tolerant, forward-thinking views on visitors.

Responding to the backlash, Gus had some advice for anyone offended by the sight of a rainbow flag: Stay at home instead.

“Always saddened by the homophobia on Pride posts. If seeing a rainbow flag while you’re on vacation upsets you then please do the world a favour and stay the fuck at home,” he wrote.

“Thank you to the many ski resorts that designate a week to making more people feel welcomed, included & safe!”

Breckenridge themselves have been responding to the homophobia with positivity, commenting heart emojis in the colours of the rainbow in reply to the negative comments.

Elsewhere, it was recently announced that Gus is set to make his acting debut in the ninth season of American Horror Story, and he’ll be playing the on-screen boyfriend of a fan favourite on the show: Emma Roberts.

Emma and Gus are the first two cast members confirmed for the highly-anticipated follow-up to the show’s eighth season, Apocalypse, which received acclaim from fans and critics. It’s presumed to air in the fourth quarter of this year.

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