American actor Kevin McHale’s latest Instagram post has got his followers cooing.

The star – who’s best known for his role as Artie in Glee – posted an image of himself cuddling up with rumoured boyfriend Austin McKenzie.

The two have been hanging out regularly in recent months, with fans speculating that they are in relationship.

Kevin all but confirmed their relationship back in March, with a black and white picture of two male hands together.

Underneath the picture, he included an emoji which represents the American Sign Language hand gesture for “I love you”.

Fans seem to think that the other hand belonged to Austin, who starred as Melchior Gabor in Deaf West’s Broadway revival of Spring Awakening.

“You be you and love you. Love who you love. You are loved either way,” one fan commented on that pictures, while another added: “I’m so happy for you Kevin. You have so much love and support behind you. I’m so proud of you that you felt you could share this with the world.”

Kevin McHale has yet to address fan speculation, or talk about his sexuality publicly.

The 29-year-old actor recently starred as Bobbi Campbell in the Dustin Lance Black-penned miniseries When We Rise, based on the gay rights movement in the 20th Century.