Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung via Flickr

Anti-mask protesters called German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, a “gay pig” during ugly demonstrations.

While attempting to confront anti-mask protesters, German Health Minister, Jens Spahn, was called a “gay pig” and allegedly spat on.

The German handling of the coronavirus pandemic has seen it emerging as a world leader on the matter, and the Independent reports that polls find most German citizens are supportive of the current restrictions, with 60% saying they were just right, and a further 28% feeling they should go further.

However, those who oppose the restrictions are growing more vocal, and last weekend, a crowd of 30,000 gathered in Berlin to protest the measures. Some protesters even attempted to breach security barriers at the Reichstag, and 300 were arrested.

At a local campaign event, Spahn went to confront some of the protesters, and people there called him a “disgrace” and hurled homophobic insults at him, like “gay pig.” Video footage shows Spahn attempting to talk to protesters, and removing his mask before leaving.

Spahn was reportedly spat on, but police said they could find no evidence of this happening; however, a criminal complaint was filed against a 39-year-old who “insulted” the minister.

The following day, Spahn wrote on Twitter: “Discussing with one another is democracy. It is not roaring and insulting. A small group may be loud.

“The vast majority of citizens stick together despite some hardships in the crisis and help. That makes us strong. We respect each other and continue to take care of each other!”

Meanwhile, Peter Altmaier, Germany’s Economic and Energy Minister, went further in his condemnation, writing: “Anyone who spits at and molests democratically elected politicians infringes the German constitution and makes an outsider of themselves.”

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, people believing the whole virus to be a hoax are sadly becoming more vocal. Earlier in the year, Drag Race star Gia Gunn had to apologise following a video in which she said people following safety guidelines around the virus were “brainwashed”.

After receiving heavy criticism for her initial video, Gia said: “With the 6,000 cases on the rise alone here in California, it’s apparent that no theories, no questions, no excuses, it’s time for us to put our masks back on. And for those of you that never took their masks off, I thank you and I commend you so much for setting the example that I wish I would have.”