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The leader of an LGBTQ Republican group has claimed Trump is ‘more pro-LGBT’ than Obama.

Gregory T. Angelo, President of the Log Cabin Republicans, raised eyebrows last year when he claimed that Trump was “the most pro-LGBT Republican president in history”, despite his administration’s actions against the community.

During an interview on US radio station SiriusXM over the weekend, Angelo went one step further by suggesting that Trump has been even better for LGBTQ rights than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

“If you’re going to call Donald Trump out for what are actual or perceived biases against the LGBT community, you have to call a spade a spade, and that includes highlighting the pro-LGBT things that he has done,” he argued.

“This man is the first president of any political party to enter the White House believing that marriage equality is the settled law of the land. Barack Obama didn’t believe that when he entered the White House. Hillary Clinton only came around to that position in 2013.”

He was referring to a 60 Minutes interview with the president from 2016, where Trump stated that marriage equality was a “settled law”, although he didn’t provide an answer when questioned if he supported same-sex marriage.

Angelo’s claims don’t make much sense, as Trump is the first president to have entered the White House when marriage equality was the law of the land, meaning no other president could have believed that.

He was also unable to provide substantial examples of Trump’s pro-LGBTQ actions, which might be because there aren’t any.

Last month, Trump’s administration announced plans to slash $1 billion from HIV/AIDS programs, which comes after they dismissed the entire Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS towards the end of 2017.

In December, it was reported that Trump had banned his administration from using particular words and phrases – one of them being “transgender”.

He also failed to acknowledge the LGBTQ community during a speech on World AIDS Day, and in October, he became the first president to speak at an anti-LGBT hate group conference.

Trump’s Department of Justice also argued that employers should have the right to fire people based on their sexual preference.

We’d mention all the other times he’s failed the LGBTQ community, but we’d be here all day.

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