gal-dem have launched their own membership scheme.

The online and print publication, who are committed to sharing perspectives from women and non-binary people of colour in a predominantly white and male media lanscape, will be offering fans perks, events and merchandise through the new membership plan, which starts from £4.99 a month.

There are three tiers available – gal-dem sugars includes a weekly newsletter, a first look at events and monthly discount codes; gal-dem spices includes a free copy of the print magazine and access to a WhatsApp group detailing job opportunities and events; while gal-dem nices includes all the above as well as exclusive access to members-only events and additional merchandise.

“gal-dem has always been about community and so since going ‘legit’, launching a membership model has been high on our list of priorities,” explains Liv Little, gal-dem’s CEO and founder.

“It’s an important step in solidifying gal-dem’s future which takes up 99% of my brain space. I’m constantly thinking about how, as a small business, we can simultaneously shake up an entire industry and build solid foundations.”

During the coronavirus pandemic that’s affecting people around the globe, it’s more important than ever to support organisations and media who help uplift people of colour, women, queer people and other minorities.

You can sign up to become a gal-dem member here.