“We will use this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and be a force for change.”

It’s been announced that Phoenix Rising player Junior Flemmings has been given a six-game ban after throwing a homophobic slur at openly gay San Diego Loyal player Collin Martin.

The incident took place last week during the USL Championship game.

“Phoenix Rising accepts and supports the results of this investigation,” said Phoenix Rising FC General Manager Bobby Dulle.

He continued: “These actions could not be more contrary to the core values of our organization, and we apologize to all who were affected.”

The ban comes after an extensive investigation that included 11 interviews with coaches, match officials, and players.

In addition to fulfilling his suspension, Flemmings has also been placed on administrative leave till the end of his contract, which is up at the end of November.

Flemmings will also be provided with educational resources to learn and grow from the situation.

The San Diego Loyal were leading 3-1 during last week’s game and were poised to reach the upcoming playoffs before forfeiting the match.

After his team showcased their support for Martin, the 25-year-old player went on to Twitter to express how moved he was, stating: “Their collective decision to walk off the field in solidarity and forfeit the match speaks volumes of their support for me and what this organization is standing up to.”

Last week’s controversy came just after player Elijah Martin was allegedly called a racial slur by Los Angeles Galaxy II player Omar Ontiveros the week before.

Ontiveros was eventually let go from LA Galaxy II.