EMFACE is the latest innovation in anti-ageing treatments at luxury beauty and skincare destination, Young LDN.  

Following the success of the celebrity favourite EMSCULPT body treatment, EMFACE utilises the same technology and is the first and only needle-free facial treatment that tightens and tones the facial skin and muscles to reduce signs of ageing – all with a 20-minute treatment. 

GAY TIMES had the opportunity to try it out and, with a strong focus on design and user experience, we could immediately tell that Young LDN is a luxury, cutting edge spa. It’s split across two exceptionally designed floors which house a unique lab and lounge areas.

Greeting you with an offer of a drink of your choice at the door, the staff were incredibly friendly and talked us through what we could expect from the EMFACE treatment.

The package includes four hour-long treatment sessions with a follow up appointment after you’ve completed your course. Within each session, this treatment combines brand new technologies to increase collagen and elastin fibres and reduce the appearance of fine lines. To top it off, the session finishes with a relaxing facial cleanse, mask, and LED therapy to soothe and nourish the skin.

You’ll start to see the final results about three months after the final treatment. Personally, I saw a reduction in fine lines, a more defined jawline and the appearance of more lifted cheekbones, which was exactly what I was hoping for. It really helped boost my confidence without changing my appearance entirely.

For myself, I had areas that I didn’t like on my face, but I never wanted to undergo invasive treatments. EMFACE was great in the way that it didn’t feel like I was changing myself, just enhancing what I already have as well as being completely painless and non-invasive.

Although the results of the EMFACE treatment are not immediate, after leaving each appointment you will feel relaxed with nourished glowing skin. You’ll already be excited for your next round. 

Bringing together the best in class aestheticians, treatments, and technology, Young LDN exceeds all expectations with its extensive offering and impressive finishing touches. 

Whether you are looking for the ultimate quick beauty fix or a more specialised skincare solution, the expert beauty tribe at Young LDN can accommodate all your health and beauty needs under one roof. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Young LDN and how EMFACE works, visit their website here