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The Emerald 50 Fund has partnered with GiveOut to support LGBTQ activists across South Africa.

Emerald Life has launched the Emerald 50 Fund to help support LGBTQ communities in South Africa. The launch will see it support Across Chapter 2, which works with LGBTQ organisations in South Africa to help improve the lives of LGBTQ South Africans.

Although South Africa is one of the better African nations when it comes to LGBTQ equality, having legalised same-sex marriage back in 2006, there are still instances of homophobia.

Last year, a video showing two South African police officers abusing a gay couple went viral. In the video, one officers asks the couple: “Who’s the man between the two of you? Who’s the man, who’s the woman?”

Another comment says: “It is a shame what you are doing. Men are not supposed to do this.”

Across Chapter 2 works with a number of LGBTQ organisations in the country, including Free Gender, which offers support to LBT women; and the Khayelitsha Queer Hub, which operates as a safe place for gay men.


Both of these organisations work with local police forces, and other authorities, to support those who have been subjected to discrimination, violence and sexual violence because of their sexual or gender identity. They also pursue justice for those who been killed because of their sexual or gender identity.

Steve Wardlaw, the chairman of Emerald Life, said: “South Africa and its recent history is very close to my heart, it is truly a place I love, and a home away from home.

“The launch of the Emerald 50 Fund is my way of giving something back to the country by supporting those courageous activists who are working to improve the situation for their communities.”

Rupert Abbott, the executive director of GiveOut, said: “We are tremendously excited to be working with Steve Wardlaw and Emerald Life to bring new resources into the LGBT+ movement in Southern Africa.

“And we are proud to be supporting the work of Access Chapter 2, a remarkable organisation working to advance LGBT+ human rights in South Africa and the region.”

If someone wishes to donate to the fund, they can do so here.