Love always wins.

Omar Ayuso has made it Instagram official with his boyfriend.

The actor cuddled up to Alonso Díaz in an adorable photo with the caption (which roughly translates to): “how to speak if I can’t find the exact word. happy 22 and happy life, close to me please <3.”

Ayuso is best known for his role as Omar Shanaa on Netflix’s critically-acclaimed Spanish teen drama, Elite.

His character has been at the forefront of several storylines thanks to his relationship with Ander Muñoz (played by Arón Piper), which has become one of, if not the most championed relationship on the series by fans.

They’ve even received their own Brangelina and Bennifer-esque couple name: Omander. Ugh, we stan.

In 2018, Netflix had the best response to homophobic viewers who condemned their love, posting hundreds of rainbow emojis and the comeback: “Sorry couldn’t read your comment while surrounded by all these beautiful rainbows.”

Elite was recently renewed for a fourth season at Netflix, but with some major cast changes. Fortunately, Ayuso and Piper are safe, but four of the show’s original cast members have departed the series – see more here.

All three seasons of Elite are available to stream worldwide on Netflix.