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Dutch Senate votes in favour of constitutionally banning discrimination based on an individual’s sexuality and disabilities.

A large number of senators have voted in favour of amending the Dutch Constitution so it explicitly bans discrimination based on disability and sexual orientation.

The amendment proposal received a landslide number of votes calling in favour of adding disability and sexual orientation to the Constitution, according to NOS.

Currently, Article One of the Dutch Constitution disallows discrimination on the grounds of religion, beliefs, race, sex or any other ground.

The D66 (a social-liberal political party in the Netherlands) , GroenLinks (green party) and PvdA (Labour Party) put forward a political proposal to add disability and sexual orientation to Article One.

Due to constitutional amendments, the proposal will need to be re-approved following the March 17 elections. This will have to be done before the majority of both houses will be legislated.

COC Nederland, a Dutch organisation supporting the LGBTQ+ community, have called the vote a “big victory”.

In a celebratory tweet, the organisation said: “The constitutional amendment that the COC has been fighting for for nearly 20 years has just been adopted at first reading”. 

Dutch politician and elected chair of the COC, Astrid Oosenbrug, said the voting outcome was “an obligation to ensure that the government addresses issues such as violence against LGBTQ+ people”.