Former Drag Race star Robbie Turner claims to have survived a devastating car crash, one that tragically killed her Uber driver in the process.

The Seattle-based comedy queen – whose real name is Jeremy Baird – was reportedly taking an Uber home on 14 April when the car was hit by a drunk driver.

Turner says she was submitted to hospital after losing consciousness, and miraculously walked away without a scratch.

“I just woke up. I’ve been in a car accident. I didn’t recollect it. I’m not certain what happened. My driver did not survive,” she tweeted.

“When I was informed of what actually happened, my closest family and friends came to mind. Wear a seatbelt. I did.”

The season eight contestant continued: “Last night on my way home my Uber was struck by a drunk driver. I closed my eyes briefly & it happened. I heard it, but hit my head & it was over.

“They ran tests at the hospital, but outside of my shoulder feeling jammed & my right eye hurting, I only have a bruise. Grateful.”

Turner then reflected on the loved ones in her life, and felt regret for not saying sooner: “Thank you, and just how much I love them.”

See Robbie’s tweets below:

Seattle Gay Scene reached out for more information on the accident, due to the lack of reports from mainstream media outlets.

A spokesperson from the Seattle Police Department told them: “I am not aware of anything like that occurring, nor are any of my colleagues aware of this accident.”

They were also told by a representative from Uber that none of their drivers had been involved in a drunk driving accident.

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