The companies will be delivering some of Olly Pike’s LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books.

In celebration of Pride Month, Deliveroo has partnered with fast food chain LEON Restaurants and children’s author Olly Pike to offer free LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books with selected meals.

The companies will be delivering two of Olly’s books, Kenny Lives with Erica and Martina and Prince Henry. Kenny Lives teaches about accepting differences, and was based off of Jenny Lives with Eric and Martin, the book that led to the introduction of Section 28, while Prince Henry is an LGBTQ-inclusive fairytale.

The companies chose to create the initiative as relationships education, including LGBTQ relationships, will become compulsory in primary schools this September. They’re hoping it will raise children’s awareness of diverse relationships before they enter secondary school.

They also cited figures which showed 13% of children in UK schools had been bullied because of their sexuality.


The books will be delivered to customers using the Deliveroo app in London, Manchester and Brighton, although customers can choose to opt out.

Arabella Jenkins, the consumer communications manager at Deliveroo, said: “Celebrating love in all its forms is at the core of the Deliveroo brand and we are proud to play our part in Pride once again. We want to inspire every child to stand up against injustice and have the courage to be their truest selves!”

Rebecca Di Mambro, the head of marketing at LEON Restaurants, said: “We are so proud to be Deliveroo’s Pride partners this World Pride Month. Olly’s books are brilliant, happy tales to remind us that love really is what the world needs now.”

And children’s author, Olly Pike, said: “I can’t thank LEON and Deliveroo enough for helping me to deliver a positive message of LGBT+ acceptance.

“Pride Month may be a little different this year, but together we can still share stories of equality and kindness to help encourage a brighter future for everyone.”