Tommy Ahlers is currently the Minister of Science, Technology, Information and Higher Education in the Danish cabinet.

Danish politician Tommy Ahlers has comes out as bisexual, after initially thinking that he was gay. And in an interview with Euroman, Ahlers opened up about his sexuality.

When asked about why he divorced his wife in 2012, Ahlers said: “I thought I was exclusively into men. But then the opposite sex pulled in me again, just as it did when I met my children’s mother.

“And then I was on some dates with some different women and thought it was equally interesting and amazing. And a year ago, last summer, I met a girl who I’m so glad I’m still seeing.”

However, Ahlers did express an annoyance at the interest in his sexuality. When he was asked why he decided to come out, he responded by saying: “There is talk out there that continues to be untrue.

“Many people talk about it, but no-one can find the source. It automatically creates curiosity for people.

“I feel I have to get it out and over once and for all… I do not like if people think I’m trying to hide something.”

Ahlers then added: “Yes, obviously there is a need for it. It’s not because I want to sit and talk about my sexuality. It should be a private matter, but because the rumors about it – “is he or is not he?” – is going to shock.”

Ahlers isn’t the only politician to come out this year. In May, the French Minister Mounir Mahjoubi came out as gay in a bid to tackle homophobia.

Writing on Twitter, he said: “Homophobia is an evil that eats away at society, invades colleges and high schools, infects lost families and friends.

“Worse, it haunts the minds of homosexuals, and sometimes forces us, often, to adapt and lie to avoid hatred, to live.