A massive win for LGBTQ+ married couples in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Office has recently announced the ability to convert civil partnerships to marriage and vice versa. 

“Regulations were laid in Parliament today allowing conversion from same-sex civil partnership to marriage, and opposite-sex marriage to civil partnership in Northern Ireland. For more info visit https://bit.ly/31wXSGN,” the office said via Twitter. 

It’s estimated over 1,000 same-sex couples will be eligible to change their civil partnership to marriage due to the new change in the law. 

Finance Minister Conor Murphy has also released a statement in support of these new changes, stating: “This is a huge step forward for marriage equality and I want to pay tribute to all those who campaigned so hard for this day.” 

He continued: “There are over 1,300 same-sex Civil Partnerships. From December these couples will have the right to convert their Civil partnerships to a Marriage.” 

Many LGBTQ+ activists have expressed their joy over the news with some praising the step forward in LGBTQ+ rights. 

Director of the Rainbow Project, John O’Doherty, showcased his excitement, stating: “The campaign for LGBT+ rights does not end with marriage, but the huge support we received from the general public on this issue shows that Northern Ireland demands equality for all.” 

Northern Ireland has seen massive changes in its laws over the past year and a half. Back in October 2019, same-sex marriage was officially legalized with the first series of weddings taking place in February of this year. Northern Ireland also ended its long-standing ban on abortion last year.