Cardi B has denied that she’s transphobic.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the Grammy-winning rapper and actress addressed Twitter users who accused her of being anti-trans.

“I’m not transphobic. Ya love dragging that,” she wrote.

“Have I said some remarks in the past that I apologised for YES I’m from a place that people have closed mindsets so we might not [know what] insults other or not I never disrespected no trans nor nobody from LGBT.”

Cardi came under fire in September last year after a transphobic meme was posted to her verified Facebook page, although she denied responsibility and placed the blame on a former employee who has access to her page.

“How many tweets and videos have I made supporting LGBT? PLENTY! How much I support 2 [people] on my glam team who I been experiencing they transition? HARD! So don’t label me something that I’m not!” she continued.

“DO you know the real definition of Transphobia? You can’t even be next to trans or gays people literally fight for them not to have equal rights.

“I’m in a industry that until this day male rap artists get uncomfortable when I come thru wit my team and I still don’t GIVE A FUCK!”

When one Twitter user claimed that she “needs gays for glam” and that’s the only reason she supports the LGBTQ community, Cardi said her sister and best friends are gay and reminded followers that she identifies as bisexual.

“Bitch my sister is gay!” she wrote. “My best friends are gay butch women I’m a whole bisexual so wtf are you talking.”

After her 2018 song Girls received backlash from some in the LGBTQ community who accused it of belittling the bi experience, Cardi said there were no “bad intentions” behind the song and revealed that she’s had experiences with “a lot of women” in her life.