Can you really tell a stranger’s sexuality based on stereotypes or the way they look?

Ahead of their annual celebrations from 9 to 11 February, National Student Pride have launched a video designed to raise awareness of issues faced by bi people, including unfair misconceptions and erasure in the media.

A line-up of four strangers appear in the video, while four other people are challenged to guess their sexualities based on everything from their musical tastes, to the clothes they’re wearing, to the tightness of their hugs.

The video also features a discussion of what it means to be bisexual+ and pansexual.

“Not a lot of people know what pansexuality is. Sometimes when you’re having a conversation about your sexuality it can be easier to just say bisexual because people know what that is,” explains one of the people.

“I see [pansexuality] as a branch of bisexuality. I like people for the personality, rathe than their gender.”

Watch the video below to see if they can guess correctly.

National Student Pride have also announced a Bisexual+ Panel to take place on the Saturday, which will feature frank discussions about biphobi and bi erasure from journalist Nichi Hodgson, Jen Yockney MBE, and two more guests.

Lewis Oakley, a bi activist who will host the panel, says it’s important that bi people have “spaces to meet one another, bi inclusive media output, and even official representatives who look after the needs of bisexuals”.

National Student Pride will take place at the University of Westminster from 9 to 11 February, and will bring together over 1,700 students from universities around the country for debates, panels and performances.