Pa. House of Representatives Official Portrait

As LGBTQ people start to make bigger strides in the world of American politics, there has been one man that everyone believed could one day be the first openly gay US President.

Brian Sims is a Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives who was elected to the post in 2012.

He was the first openly gay person elected to the Pennsylvania General Assembly.

As well as being a lawyer and a LGBTQ rights activist, the official has become somewhat of a sex symbol in the gay community.

“First and foremost, I don’t have a view of myself as a sex symbol in politics,” he told Queerty in a new interview.

“I want everyone to feel attractive and validated. I don’t mind that people find me attractive, but women have had people dismiss them as subjects for their entire lives because they’re found attractive.”

But when he was asked if he wanted to become the first openly gay President of the United States, his answer was very clear.

“No, but I want to help her get elected. It won’t be me,” he said. “The myriad of issues that women deal with in a patriarchal society gives them a leg up in our environment…It will happen in the next election cycle or two.”

The self-confessed Drag Race superfan has been in a relationship for four years, but answered a question regarding whether gay men in politics are safe to go on Grindr.

“I don’t know,” Brian said. “I know that I have gay colleagues who use apps to date and to pursue relationships. I say that without one ounce of judgment.

“How people choose to act sexually is entirely up to them. That’s not to say a critic wouldn’t try to say something about it.”

As for the current US President, Brian didn’t hold back over his feelings for Trump and his leadership.

“I think Trump is just the most painfully unqualified person to ever be President,” he said. “His level of bigotry and homophobia and transphobia and xenophobia—and he’s given a free pass for all of those people like him to step up and lead.

“I think he’s a monster.”