The bi erasure is real.

On a recent episode of Netflix’s new reality series Love Is Blind, contestant Carlton Morton came out as bisexual to his fiancée Diamond Jack, resulting in a heated argument between the couple and plenty of debate on social media.

Some argued he should have told her from the start of their (very brief) relationship, while others believed it shouldn’t have an impact and the negative reactions only fuel the stereotype that bisexual people are ‘greedy’ or more likely to cheat.

During an appearance on radio show The Morning Culture to talk about the divisive coming out moment, Carlton was asked to explain his sexuality.

“The secret is that I just love people for who they are. I love fluidly. It’s not about a body part, it’s not a sexual thing for me. For the average person, I’m a bisexual or fluid male,” he said.

“I feel like being fluid there’s a bigger focus on love. When people think of bisexual it’s to make the general population comfortable and give them something to identify with.”

After one of the station’s hosts suggested to Carlton that he “has to make a decision” between dating either men or women so that he can find love, he decided it was time to give them a lesson on bi erasure.

“No, that’s problematic, we cannot do that. Making me make a decision means you cut out the B in the LGBT community. That means I have to be heterosexual or gay,” he said.

“You understand how incorrect that is and how offensive that is to bisexual people? You are basically wiping them out by saying they have to make a choice. That’s the whole point of us being bisexual.”

When the host replied that she “didn’t mean” to offend him, Carlton replied: “I know that you didn’t, which is why I’m starting the conversation. We have to think about what we say.”

You can watch the full interview here or below.