An anonymous Spanish professional footballer has opened up about his sexuality and long-term boyfriend in a heartfelt letter. 

On Thursday (4 November), a Royal Spanish Football player came out as bisexual in a published statement to the Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

In the letter, the athlete praised Australian pro player Josh Cavallo who made history as the first openly gay male top-flight professional in the sport.

“First of all, I would like to show my utmost gratitude to Joshua Cavallo for sharing his feelings with all of us,” the letter began. 

“And now say, like him, yes, that you can play soccer being gay, bisexual, as I consider myself, or anything else.

“Today I make the decision to continue with the message that this player launched a few days ago.”

The player went on to reveal that it was “difficult” to hide his identity from his family and friends over the years.

“For too long, I took the path of being me, being me with my family, being me with my friends, being me with my soccer teammates,” he said.

Even though he’s opened up about his sexuality in the letter, the mysterious player wants his name to remain anonymous “for now”.

“In addition, I highly value being able to remain [myself] with my personal side, separated from my work, and which I have every right to protect,” he explained. 

“Even so, I think it is important to take the step of telling my more personal life, of seeing that one can dedicate oneself to this, more or less professionally, regardless of who and how one is.” 

The player also opened up about his long-term boyfriend and the ups and downs they experienced throughout his coming out journey. 

“I have been lucky to have by my side a wonderful person who has accompanied me throughout this process, who has understood me, although at many times we suffered, both together and separately,” he said. 

The athlete ended his inspirational letter on a positive note and gave encouraging words to other players who may be struggling with their sexuality. 

“In conclusion, I hope that this can help things to be as they should be, that anyone can be whatever they want to be, without fearing the consequences,“ he wrote. 

The anonymous Royal Spanish Football player now joins the growing list of LGBTQ+ athletes that have come out. 

Aside from Cavallo’s monumental announcement, NFL star Carl Nassib made history as the first openly gay American football player. 

NHL prospect Luke Prokok and pro baseball player Bryan Ruby also became the first players from their respective sports to come out as gay.