myGwork, the world’s first global LGBTQ business community, is getting a new look.

Entrepreneurial twins Adrien and Pierre Gaubert are re-inventing the way LGBTQ professionals find jobs and interact with each other through myGwork, a platform that’s been dubbed the “pink LinkedIn”.

A new, expanded version of their website features a redesigned interface and innovative features courtesy of an investment round supported by Chris Mouskoundi, former Board member of The Office Group, and Paul Reed, former CEO of BP’s Integrated and Supply and Trading division.

“Our new website, logo and branding very much reflects our intention to federate the LGBT+ community around knowledge, experience and job opportunity sharing,” said Adrien and Pierre in a joint statement.

“Our hashtag #Workstrong sums up our vision of an empowered LGBTQ business community that will lead the way to a thriving new generation of divers professionals in the global workforce.”

While the community has made incredible progress over the last few decades, LGBTQ people still. Face discrimination in their daily lives and at work. According to recent studies by TUC, more than one in three people experience homophobic harassment or bullying in the workplace, while only half of LGBTQ people are out in the workplace.

The situation is worse for trans people, as a report commissioned by the Equalities review found that half of trans individuals don’t live in their preferred gender for fear of dismissal, and over a quarter change their jobs because of harassment or bullying.

Both Adrien and Pierre have experienced this discrimination in the workplace first-hand, which encouraged them to create myGwork as a safe space for LGBTQ business people to interact and find work without fear.

Over 60 corporate partners have pledged a commitment to diversity with myGwork, from industries including finance, law, consultancy, pharmaceuticals and media, including high-profile companies like Santander UK, WorldPay and Uber.

As well as offering a way to find work, myGwork allows LGBTQ people to find mentors or people who want a mentor in their field, and shares professional LGBTQ events happening around the world as well as articles about LGBTQ news and politics.

Meanwhile, myGwork’s new logo, which is a series of interconnected links, “represents strength and unity and emphasises the need for the LGBT+ community to stand together”, according to the founders.

For more information or to register visit myGwork’s website.