Jeanette Ryan / Transmissions

Activists took to London Fashion Week to call for trans-inclusiveness this weekend.

The protest, which took place on Friday (15 February), was organised by Transmissions, a trans activist network which offers self-defence lessons, support classes, and a safe space for trans people to unite.

“Today we are protesting because our bodies are shamed daily. We suffer public humiliation which drives us to depression and suicide,” explained Lucia Blake, founder and director of Transmissions, to on-lookers at the event.

“We don’t hate the fashion industry, most of us work within it, but we are calling on our friends to use their platform – and they are one of the most powerful industries in the world – to normalise us within society.

“Maybe if people were used to seeing trans people on big fucking billboards and in big TV adverts, they wouldn’t gawp when I go to the shop to get a pint of milk.”

Protestors chanted, “What do we want? Trans-inclusive fashion. When do we want it? Now,” while members of the group held signs reading “trans inclusivity” and “get us off the mood boards and put us on the covers”.

“We are here today to call upon our friends in the fashion industry, because this is a platform that has has profited off our individuality and our uniqueness, it makes them seem interesting,” Lucia told Gay Times.

“We want them to use their platform to tell our stories, to humanise us within society, and show that we are complex characters, we’re not mannequins, and we’re not trends. We believe there is immense power in the over saturation of our imagery and our context.

“We’re also here today to support a lot of queer designers, because queer designers can tell our stories best, because they know our pain, and they know how to tell it.”

You can find more information on Transmissions and the work they do here.