The men were targeted as it was believed that they were having sex.

A video of a gay couple being dragged out of their car and attacked in Malaysia has gone viral. The video shows two men being dragged out of their car by a group of men in high-visibility jackets.

The video ends with the group of men demanding that their victims hand over their identification cards. It is not known who any of the men are, but it is speculated that they are either from a security force or members of the Rukun Tetangga group.

Posting about the video, Numan Afifi, the president of the LGBTQ organisation the PELANGI Campaign, wrote: “THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! I categorically condemn this anti-gay violence and call on the authority to investigate on this hate crime.

“Enough is enough. p.s. If anyone knew the victims, please let them that we’re here to give support. We need to stand up against injustice.”

In other tweets, Afini said: “If you think that by beating us up, you can make us afraid, then yes, we are afraid for our safety. But we are also angry.”

He also said: “If you know any gay friends, go hug or fist-bump them today, hold their hands tight and let them know that they are loved. Tell them that you’ll stand with them as we embrace the end of 2018 that is still homophobic.”

And yesterday, Afifi lodged a police report about the attack. Speaking outside the Dang Wangi police headquarters, he said: “We, a group of concerned citizens, are appalled and condemn the act of violence committed by the vigilante group.

“We urge the police to investigate the assault without fear and favor, and proactively provide security (and) protection for the victims and the LGBTQ community at large from being targeted.”

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