Despite the perception that gay men are more likely to enjoy open relationships, there has been little research into attitudes towards the preference.

That’s why Lanz Lowen and Blake Spears – who have been a non-monogamous couple for 36 years – decided to conduct a survey to find out relationship trends among gay men.

“There wasn’t any roadmap and we assumed long-term couples might offer valuable perspectives and hard-earned lessons,” they stated.

Out of the respondents surveyed, 42% were single and 58% in a relationship, and ages ranged from 18 to 39.

Of the sample of people who said they are in a relationship, 632 said theirs is monogamous, 152 said it is ‘monogamish’, while 48 said that it is non-monogamous.

So what were the results?

Well, to start, 92% of the gay men asked said they want to get married one day.

Gay Times

Moreover, 90% of respondents said that they are looking for a monogamous relationship.

This is in comparison to previous studies where roughly two-thirds of couples who had been in a relationship for five years or longer said they are in an open relationship.

The survey has shone a light on relationship trends among gay millennials, with further results saying that 58% of those asked equate marriage to monogamy.

Only 31% said that they would consider other sexual partners as an option for a married couple.

When it comes to the health of modern gay relationships, it appears they are stronger than ever.

Of those asked, 98% of the monogamous couples said they felt their relationship is healthy.

That figure falls to 92% for non-monogamous couples, which is still a strong result.

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