The healthy home: A space-lift is the new face-lift

Geo Fleur

As the coldest winter on record threatens to freeze your balls off, your home is all the more important as your cosy haven.

To help pave the way for a happy 2017, here are our top tips on making a healthy home to lift your spirits and your wellbeing. 

Edit your way to happiness

Everyone’s favourite new year resolution last year seemed to involve some form of major declutter or mega-reorganisation of their things. But whether you succeeded or not, a beautiful home requires a good edit. Coco Chanel said “before you leave the house…take one thing off” and the same applies to each room in your house. You may actually need to take lots of things off but start with one and you will be heading in the right direction. Let’s face it we can’t all live a minimalist guru life, but we can occasionally look at our home with a fresh pair of eyes and give it a simple re-jig that tells any dinner guest or new lover that you care. 

Primal Desire for Pattern

Indulge yourself! Earlier in the year we went pattern crazy as we talked you through the process of creating our first wallpaper collection. Well pattern and decoration goes right back to cave men adorning their walls with decorative paintings. It’s in our nature to search out patterns so no wonder feel good in our homes. Don’t fight this urge. 2017 is time to embrace clashing patterns and go maximal! Why not start from the ground up with and amazing patterned rug that can add instant impact to any size space. We’ve made it really easy for you with a new collection of decorative rugs available online at FloorStory.

Furry Throw Down

As is gets cold outside It’s time to get the winter accessories out. Don’t stop at hats scarves and gloves for your winter look – your home could do with warming up too. There’s nothing quite like getting in from the freezing cold after a hard day at the office to snuggle up on the sofa with some faux furs and woollen throws. Go luxe with a fine knit cashmere from Amara Living or try a beautiful faux fur warmth-giver from

Winter greens

Eating your greens will put hairs on your chest (if that’s what you are going for) and putting greens in your home will have all sorts of other benefits. Geo Fleur are experts in all things green and we spent an afternoon with them discussing the health benefits of plants in your home. Not only are they good to look at, but houseplants can lift your spirits, especially in these winter months. They also bring proven health benefits to your indoor environment. Place a Mother-in-laws-tongue in your bedroom to purify your air and give you for a good nights sleep. If you don’t fancy having a mother in law in your bedroom, try a sexy Boston fern for some equally purifying results. 

Get personal with colour

There is no doubt about it, colour can enhance your mood and if you haven’t already, or if you are just looking to refine you personal colour style, we think 2017 is time to lift your space with colour. And now you can do it online with the new ‘Paint for You’ service from Dulux Amazing Space – a colour tailoring service that can deliver to your door within 48 hours. And they even print your name on the tin to make your unique combo of colour and finish feel truly yours. We already have uber eats, so it was only a matter of time for interiors to catch up and drip feed us with colour direct to our doors!

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