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In late August 2020, Taimi has made an unprecedented leap forward — the platform launched livestreaming. According to the company’s data, this period proved much more successful than expected. During Fall 2020, Taimi users have streamed for over 10,6 years in total, hosting 403k unique sessions and amassing over 7,25M views.

The pandemic and the lockdowns let online dating and video calls bloom. Self-isolation proved to be a significant driver for people to move their social lives into the digital realm. While the usual dating pattern before COVID-19 was defined by the “swipe -chat-meet” formula, the current experience is focused on e-meeting people you liked. Jake Vygnan, co-founder and COO at Taimi, says livestreaming and dating are a match made in heaven. “Taimi as a social network and a dating app is defined by our audience. LGBTQ+ people on Taimi are unique and expressive. Whether they want to find casual dates, friends, or loving partners, livestreaming is the next big thing that can enhance their experience on Taimi. The addition of streaming to Taimi’s vast “arsenal” is another step towards cementing the platform as the best and most universal social network for LGBTQ+ people.”

About 1,5 months ago, Taimi introduced the first “expansion” to its livestreaming apparel called Live Duet. The instrument allows users to hop into other users’ and co-host by interacting with the Streamer directly instead of using the comments section. The feature holds quite a potential, allowing everyone to utilise it for entertainment, networking, or simply enhancing their online dating experience.

Helen Virt, Head of Business Development at Taimi, says that livestreaming has close to no downsides and allows the platform to efficiently integrate it into the business model. “What makes streaming so fascinating and unique is the combination of its versatility and how challenging it is to implement. Introducing livestreams was one of the biggest technical challenges of 2020. However, the spike in popularity and user activity we saw after launching the feature means that streaming will be one of the key features on Taimi in 2021. Business-wise, most of our current revenue comes from the optional Taimi XL subscription. In 2021, we expect livestreaming to become a solid source of income and bring up to 30% of our total revenue,” says Helen.

As the 5G era arrives and brings unprecedented speed, Taimi plans to dedicate major efforts into upgrading the streaming and enhancing the experience for its users. Since the feature keeps growing in popularity, more and more people are requesting to introduce new ways to interact with the streamers. That is why Taimi plans to implement the upgrades to its livestreaming every couple of months.

About Taimi: Taimi is the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network and dating app. Taimi offers the safest and most secure user experience on the market — with its several verification layers, 24/7 profile moderation, PIN/Fingerprint/Face ID, and live support.

The platform’s fundamental policy is zero-tolerance for judgment, discrimination, hate, or aggression.

Taimi is free to download. Taimi XL subscription provides access to features unavailable or limited in the free version of the app.

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