Taimi, the world’s largest LGBTQ+ platform that features a social network and dating app proudly sponsored the joint event of The Transgender District and House of Tulip – two transgender led nonprofit organizations for this year’s premier holiday season event – the Winter Gala.

“We, at Taimi, invest a lot of time and effort into supporting our social mission which is to combat homophobia, biphobia and transphobia around the world,” shares Diana Ly, Head of Global Partnerships at Taimi.

“By joining forces with organizations like The Transgender District and House of Tulip, we want to show our support for all transgender people out there.

“It is extremely important for us to be an avid ally of trans individuals, and I truly wish the event’s goal to combat poverty in the transgender community for the year 2021 is reached”

Aria Sa’id, the Executive Director of The Transgender District says events like the Winter Gala are extremely important during this year of uncertainty.

“I think our Winter Gala is extra special this year because of course, audiences get a chance to celebrate with us all the incredible work we’ve been able to do– especially in a roller coaster year of uncertainty,” says Aria.

“And, it’s a chance for folks to support artists– who need our support now in more ways than we can imagine staying afloat and creating escape from our daily worries now. Of course– it’s also for a good cause- we’re fundraising for housing and economic empowerment programming that is essential to contributing to a world in which transgender people are thriving.”

The event featured special guest appearances from the Mayor of San Francisco London Breed, actor and model – Indya Moore of Pose FX, plus size model and fashion icon Tess Holiday, Trace Lysette of Transparent and Hustlers, writer and activist Raquel Willis, TS Madison who was also one of the keynote speakers for Taimi Talks.

As of recently, trans issues have been at the forefront of news pages these days, however, there is still a lot of prejudice trans people face all around the world. Recently, actor Elliot Page came out as a transgender man, his coming out triggered many questionable headlines across the globe.

Sean Green, Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Transgender District says: “It’s so important for cisgender people to truly understand that each of us, even themselves, have our own individual journey of self-discovery. TGNC folks deserve the same respect and safety of being allowed to follow that path without mockery, fear or violence. When trans people are free to be themselves, we are all free to be ourselves, this is how we build community for everyone.

Taimi is a platform that is available to all LGBTQ+ people regardless of where they identify on the gender and sexuality spectrum. This means, Taimi users who are cisgender or gender non-conforming can and should support the trans community by being a real ally.

Mariah Moore, Co-Director of House of Tulip underlines that trans rights are human rights.

“Our lives are just as sacred as yours. We have families, friendships, goals, and dreams…. but when we are constantly under attack we never really get the chance to live and fully thrive. We deserve to live and not just survive, you should be an accomplice and do your part to end the epidemic of violence and oppression against the TGNC community,” states Moore.

Unfortunately trans women of colour are still a very vulnerable group. Moore says major organizations should step up in order to protect Black trans lives.

“Trans women of color, specifically Black trans women, have always been underserved and under-resourced. We have been fighting for decades on a legislative level with some small victories and some major attacks and rollbacks. I think legislative work is important but I also think that ensuring that these major organizations and funders are appropriately funding trans-led initiatives and organizations, especially by Black trans people, is vital in combating the violence and barriers we face,” adds Mariah Moore, Co-Director of House of Tulip.

The Winter Gala not only featured special appearances by celebrities and address key issues faced by trans people, it also brought original musical performances by Dawn Richard (formerly of pop music group Danity Kane), Lion Babe, Jessica 6.

The full show is available to stream on YouTube now.