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The year 2020 will go down in history books. Since the beginning of a global coronavirus pandemic, our daily lives have been put on hold. Technology took over and people became far more aware of their surroundings, social distancing became the new norm, and self isolation was one of the most-frequently used phrases of the year. Then, the world was shaken up by a video that caught a murder of an innocent black man by a white policeman on tape. The protests against police brutality erupted across the United States, and swiftly took over other countries. The Black Lives Matter movement got stronger than ever.  It is an important reminder to us all, not just LGBTQI+ people of color, that the fight for basic human rights is still not over. We must acknowledge and understand the need to support everyone that is standing up against injustice. 

However, June also saw a rare bit of good news in the fight for equality. The United States Supreme Court confirmed that LGBTQ Americans can no longer be fired for being gay or transgender in the country. In a landmark decision, the supreme court confirmed that title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act also applies to sexual orientation and gender identity.

The ruling that came during Pride month is certainly something to celebrate this year. For LGBTQ+ people Pride is more than just a party, it is about equality, human rights, history and acceptance.  For over 50 years, Pride has been a quintessential part of the summer season in virtually every corner of the globe. Unfortunately, this year millions of LGBTQ+ people throughout the world will not have the opportunity to express themselves freely, to speak out against homophobia in public and to raise awareness out in the open for millions of others to experience. Although Pride events have been cancelled around the world due to the pandemic, TAIMI is doing its part in making sure all its users have the opportunity to mark Pride in innovative ways. 

From hosting educational events in the app to promoting LGBTQI+ history on its social media pages, TAIMI is encouraging its followers and members to showcase their pride. 

The app is also happy to announce that over 65% of its 6 million+ users have responded to a Pride poll talking about history, heroism, and love that led us to celebrate Pride every year.  Although more than 80% of TAIMI users identify themselves as LGBTQI+ there are nearly 15% that consider themselves an ally, and that is a very important title to go by. 

TAIMI believes in the power of allies. Alex Pasykov, the founder of the app is an extremely strong supporter of LGBTQI+ people. Alex considers himself an ally and wants to see more people jump on board to support human rights, promoting equality and love throughout the globe. 

“In my opinion all people living on this planet have to be equal! It is unfortunate that to this day there are over 70 countries that make it illegal to be LGBTQ+. Since I have an extensive experience in developing large social platforms for communication and dating - it was only natural for me to put my skills and knowledge to good use! My goal was always to provide people with a platform to be free, to express themselves, to share their opinions with no fear or prejudice. TAIMI is my way of making this world a better place”, says Alex Pasykov - TAIMI creator

So much so that TAIMI has decided to kick off an ally program to help raise awareness and fight homophobia and transphobia around the world. Halyna Virt, Head of Business Development at TAIMI shares the sentiment that being an ally today is more crucial than ever.

“In today’s world it’s simply not enough not to be something, you have to be for something, you have to stand up against something… If more people come out as allies in support of an issue - the world will be a much better place. Our major campaign is encouraging LGBTQI+ allies to come out in support of their friends, acquaintances, and family. We all must speak up and make steps towards peace and equality. We all have to contribute to the fight for human rights”, underlines Halyna Virt - TAIMI Head of business development.

TAIMI is committed to making sure its users are able to stay connected at all times.  The app recently updated its interface, launched new features and a program aimed at promoting influencers within the community.

This year the app’s plans had to shift. However, TAIMI’s goals are not limited to 2020 but rather the company is looking forward to the next 10-15 years.  TAIMI is working on making the product even better in terms of functionality, safety, socialization, and dating.  This is exactly why TAIMI is doing its best to encourage people to celebrate pride together in love, to make sure that everyone is able to come out as an ally to support their friends and family, to showcase their love and to highlight the value that support brings especially in the times of social distancing and isolation.