Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph are set to release a brand new LGBTQ+ teen romantic comedy.

According to a report from Deadline, Rudolph’s and Lyonne’s production company, Animal Pictures, will be teaming up with Hulu for the film, Love In Color.

The coming of age movie is set to follow an aspiring young artist who joins her high school track team. After initially joining to woo a long time crush, she soon starts to fall for an unexpected teammate and finds out what true love is all about.

The film’s script has been co-written by Kirsten Kang and Casey Rackham and is set to be directed by Sammi Cohen.

Soon after the news was released, Kang took to Twitter to give viewers a sneak peek at what’s to come.

“WE WROTE A MOVIE!!! I won’t spoil the ending but I can tell you this: It’s so gay,” she exclaimed. 

Unlike many LGBTQ+ films that revolve around the ups and downs of coming out, Love in Color has been penned as a different kind of queer film.

In a statement, Cohen called the upcoming project a “fresh take” on LGBTQ+ stories.

“It’s exciting to be making a movie that’s full of queer characters where the story isn’t about coming out,” she explained.

“I love a coming out story, I have one myself. But this is a new kind of comedy and a fresh take on how we tell stories about queer kids in high school.

“I needed this movie as a kid. It means so much to me to be making it now.”

Lyonne took to social media to also express her excitement for the project, stating: “Via [Animal Pictures] we invite you to fall in love with this film as much as we have.”

Britta Rowings and Dan Balgoyen of the production company Depth and Field have been tapped to executive produce the film.

A release date for the LGBTQ+ inclusive film is unknown.


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