Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes are set to star in Netflix’s new “delicious” LGBTQ+ dark comedy Do Revenge.

Directed and co-written by Thor: Love and Thunder’s Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, the forthcoming film is described as a “subverted Hitchock-ian dark comedy featuring the scariest protagonists of all: teenage girls.”

The film will follow Drea (Mendes), a “fallen it girl” whose sex tape gets leaked by her boyfriend, and new student Eleanor (Hawke), an “alt girl” who was outed by a hateful bully who claimed she tried to kiss her.

After forming an unlikely friendship, Drea and Eleanor team up to get revenge on their high school tormentors.

The movie also stars Austin Abrams as Max, Talia Ryder as Gabbi, Alish Boe as Tara, Rish Shah as Russ, Maia Reficco as Montana, Paris Berelc as Meghan, Jonathan Daviss as Elliot, Ava Capri as Clarissa and Sophie Turner as Erica.

In an interview with Elle, Robinson opened up about Do Revenge and casting Hawke and Mendes in the film’s lead roles.

“I will say, in Camila’s tape, I paused it at about maybe five seconds in, picked up the phone and called Peter Cron and [producer] Anthony Bregman and said, ‘We have Drea.’ It’s Camila,” she revealed.

Robinson went on to say that the same sentiment was shared when she cast Hawke as Eleanor. However, due to the 24-year-old’s filming obligations for Stranger Things, her involvement almost didn’t come to fruition.

“It had to be Maya. And so the movie was supposed to take place in Los Angeles; we moved it and shot in Atlanta so we could shoot it at the same time as Stranger Things,” Robinson explained.

“And I rewrote it and reset it in Miami… They were so perfect that we legit moved production.”

Towards the end of her interview, Robinson expressed her hopes that viewers will have a “f**king great time” while watching the film.

“That’s what this is. That’s what it should be. We’re not trying to solve world peace. This is not some big political statement,” she said.

“It’s just a really fun movie that looks cool and stars a bunch of really excellent actors who are at the top of their craft and are also just gorgeous. Whatever you think this movie is, it’s that, but it’s also different.”

Do Revenge will be released via Netflix on 16 September.