Lady Gaga is reportedly in talks to join Joaquin Phoenix in the upcoming Joker sequel. 

Back in 2019, fans of the popular DC villain flocked to theatres to consume the origin story behind the Clown Prince of Crime. 

Upon its release, the film received universal acclaim from critics, with many praising its raw and chilling storyline.

Phoenix’s performance also earned him numerous accolades, including the Academy Award for Best Actor, the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role and the Critic’s Choice Movie Award for Best Actor.  

Due to the first film’s massive success, Warner Bros announced a sequel with director Todd Phillips and screenwriter Scott Silver confirmed to return. 

Phoenix is also expected to step back into the titular role and is currently in contract negotiations, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

On 7 June, Phillips revealed that the film would be titled Joker Folie à Deux – which means “shared madness.”

Now it’s looking like Mother Monster is set to join the fray as an iconic DC character. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a source revealed that Gaga is in early talks to star in the film as the Joker’s beloved partner in crime, Harley Quinn. 

However, details surrounding her exact role in the film are being kept under wraps.

The report also said that Gaga’s Quinn would be part of a separate universe from Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn – which has become one of the DCEU’s most popular characters. 

Lastly, the source revealed that the highly anticipated sequel would also be a musical.

The news of Gaga’s potential casting comes a few months after she starred as Patrizia Reggiani in the 2021 biographical crime drama House of Gucci. 

Even though the film received mixed reviews, the Rain On Me singer was universally praised for her sensational performance as the infamous socialite. 

During the press run for the film, the Bad Romance singer revealed that she wrote an “80-page biography” to prepare for the role.

“I lived inside of the character and inside this world of the Gucci’s for so long because I love art, I love the nature of the type of acting that I like to do,” she said.

“I stayed with her so that when I was off set or on set, it was this fluid life. This is something that makes me excited as an actor.

“I wrote like an 80-page biography about her myself. And it was something that I worked off of and I read all the time to just get the story, her backstory, inside of me.”