Hulu has dropped the first trailer from Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang’s new LGBTQ+ romantic comedy, Fire Island.

The film, which is inspired by Jane Austen’s famous novel Pride and Prejudice, follows Noah (Booster) and his group of friends who take off on a week-long vacation at the titular LGBTQ+ hotspot in New York.

Also starring Zane Phillips, Torian Miller, Margaret Cho, James Scully, Matt Rogers, and Tomas Matos, drama follows the group in the form of hookups, hilarious moments and friendship-testing situations.

The first trailer, which was premiered exclusively by EW on 25 April, gives fans a glimpse at the highly anticipated movie.

“Fire Island is oppressively white and inherently classist,” Booster told the outlet, recalling one of his own trips to the area.

A scene in the trailer shows a white man suggesting that Noah and Howie’s (Yang) friends are in the wrong place when they show up for a party, which Booster said is something he has experienced in real life.

Elsewhere in the preview, How to Get Away with Murder star Conrad Ricamora can be seen passionately arguing with Noah in the rain.

“I have never met somebody who has made it so clear that they think they’re so superior to everybody else,” the latter tells him.

Fire Island will be released on 3 June.

You can watch the trailer by clicking here.