Openly trans actor and Batgirl star Ivory Aquino shared a heartwarming message to co-star Leslie Grace after the film’s cancellation.

On 2 August, DC fans were dealt a devasting blow when The New York Post reported that the highly anticipated film was officially shelved. 

The jaw-dropping decision allegedly stemmed from lukewarm test screenings and the studio’s recent change of direction regarding their feature films.

“They think an unspeakable ‘Batgirl’ is going to be irredeemable,” a source told the publication. 

The film, which was made with a $100 million budget, was set to premiere on HBO Max. 

It also featured a star-studded cast, including Grace as the titular character, Brendan Fraiser as Firefly, J.K. Simmons as Commissioner Gordon and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

In response to the abrupt cancellation, Grace took to social media and praised the film and its cast and crew alongside a video of her singing. 

“I feel blessed to have worked among absolute greats and forged relationships for a lifetime in the process,” she wrote. 

“To every Batgirl – THANK YOU for the love and belief, allowing me to take on the cape and become, as Babs said best, ‘my own damn hero!’ Batgirl for life.” 

Shortly after her emotional statement, the In The Heights actor received an outpour of support from fans and various co-stars like Aquino – who was set to play Batgirl’s best friend Alysia Yeoh. 

In a quote tweet of Grace’s initial statement, the When We Rise star wrote: “Forever my Babs.”

Aquino also uploaded additional tributes highlighting their friendship via Instagram. 

In one of her posts, the young talent wrote: “My #batgirl (and karaoke) fam for life.” 

The post also featured a video of them singing Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. 

Earlier this year, Aquino made LGBTQ+ history when she joined the film as Alysia Yeoh.

Before the movie’s untimely cancellation, the Blue Bloods actor would have portrayed the DC Extended Universe’s first trans character in a live-action feature film adaption.

Alysia Yeoh made her debut in a 2011 issue of the Batgirl comics, which was written by Gail Simone and pencilled by Ardian Syaf.


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