Image – Alexander Redl

It’s 2018, so we’re only discussing serious topics, like your gym wardrobe.

Has leg day got you feeling like a snack but your outfit makes you look like a sack (of carbs)? Is your shirt so loose that you can’t see your bulging biceps or rippling abs? The struggle is real.

It’s 2018, so while you’re getting your ass to the grass with some thorough squatting, make sure you look cute, otherwise your milkshake just won’t bring boys to the yard.

Vest or t-shirt?

Forget the imminent war between North Korea and the US, the real question on our minds is if we’re going to show off our shapely shoulders in a form fitting tee or display the gun show of the century in a low vest? I think the general idea is that unless you have arms that are able to lift anything other that a toothpick then a t-shirt is your best bet.


Leggings or shorts? Or Both? (hard hitting questions here)

Leg day calls for a short-short or some skin tight lycra? It’s just a gay rule (wear with a pink t-shirt on Wednesdays a la Gretchen Weiners). And why not show off the buns when leg day calls, bonus points for leg day falling on Wednesday #HumpDay.


Trainers ALWAYS.

Don’t even go to the gym unless you have proper workout trainers on. Primark plimsolls are not allowed and neither are leather boots or flip flops,