Meet Sørensen *curtsies*

Y’know those days when y’all wanna look cute, but you also want to get out of bed five minutes before you have to leave the house (and you maybe don’t even want to leave the house at all), but you still want to look like a snack? We all have them. Well, this brand just bossed your spring/summer basics and you’re already a better person for knowing about them – you’re welcome.

Sørensen is challenging the trend-led fashion mill with an updated approach to style, based upon the work ethic of working archetypes. Issue 6 focuses around the Dancer and Driver archetypes meaning the relaxed silhouettes of the sweats, shorts and basic tees within the collection allow for freedom of movement and flexibility.

Take note guys, this is the sort of collection where you could basically pair any two things together and have a chic put together look – here’s some of our faves for the season ahead…

Try these for size..

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