Lisa Rinna is a forever mood.

From the Real Housewives and their fashion triumphs to seriously cute dogs and the summer pieces that your wardrobe is missing, here’s six things that we’re kind of obsessed with this week.


Nothing pleases us more than looking at what fashion was once like and how we basically wish it was still exactly the same. From your faves that you didn’t even know were faves, like Rebecca Romijn and Christine Baranski, as well as the reigning queen of everything and everyone, Real Housewife Lisa Rinna, this account will dig up those shots of skin-tight metallic slips and the OG thigh-high split – enjoy hours of fun.


They’ve only gone and done it – an eye cream *pulls shirt over head and runs around like a football hooligan*.

As one of their most requested products in the history of the brand, Glossier have delivered with a duo eye and lip cream that we can’t wait to get a hold of. The Insta-worthy beauty brand says “our one-of-a-kind eye + lip plumping cream, specifically formulated to give these two zones the moisture and protection they require. Bubblewrap’s power comes from a combination of some of nature’s strongest hydrators (hyaluronic acid, squalane, avocado oil), antioxidant-rich blueberry extract, and a unique, featherweight texture that delivers these key ingredients where and when you need them the most”. Get it now.


Gone are the days of hiding the contents of your bag (also known as using it as landfill for everything you’d never want anyone to see) as the summer bag is here and it’s… completely transparent.

Think about carrying around oranges for dramatic effect and only taking out the good shit you wouldn’t be ashamed to show off.


Anything from Jacquemus is our mood for the entire summer tbh, so when we spotted this suit from the brand we thought two things: 1. My god this is the one, and 2. Is this at all appropriate for a summer wedding that isn’t our own? Probably not, but we still want it.


We’re already obsessed with her, but her new book Life Will Be The Death Of Me and it’s coinciding book tour have given us a whole new love for Ms Handler. Signing books everywhere from Walmart to airport lounges and living her best real life is everything we want to see on our Instagram feeds – plus we hear the book is v good, which is a bonus.


Not quite as serious as Lisa Rinna in a lurex crop top (serious news) but something a little more lighthearted to fill your day when you’re meant to be working. A flurry of floofers that are in every way relatable and we’re here for it.