It’s about time you got a cute varsity jacket.

With vintage having such a moment (Meghan Markle just wore vintage Dior couture and we’re all shook), it’s hard not to think about all the things you’re passing off by not opening yourself up to a previous era (not to mention destroying the plant via mass consumption, but we can hit that topic another time).

No longer are vintage shops just a place you end up when you’re looking for an old wedding dress to wear on halloween (or just to wear around the house), but a window into fashion gone by that’s better than what we’re wearing today.

Spot some of our favourite vintage pieces from Search & Destroy, Shoreditch, alongside newer pieces from Levi’s and Calvin Klein below.

L: Vest: Aussiebum R: T-shirt: Search & Destroy Vintage, L: Briefs Zimmerli

L: Varsity Jacket: Models Own, Briefs: Calvin Klein. R: Sweater: Vintage, Cap: Boston Red Sox

L/R: Denim Jacket: Levi’s

L: Vest: As Before, Jewellery: Models Own. R: Shirt: Custom

L: Shirt: Custom. R: Sweater: Levi’s, Underwear: Amazon

Photographer: Walter Zak

Model: Pabllo De La Cruz