Qasimi deliver bursts of colour and architectural innovation with their Spring/Summer 2022 show.

Rich historical and literary references underpin many of Qasimi’s shows and collections, and their Spring/Summer 2022 runway is no exception.

Inspired by Syrian poet Adunis, and their work Between Roses & Ashes , the collection and poem explores how despite the cruelty of mankind, peace and nature can be restored.

The show takes place in the scenic countryside in the outskirts of London. The set design, masterminded by Christopher Tunnard, draws parallels between muqarnas –a geometric style of vaulting found in Islamic architecture– and the brutalist lines like those of the Geisel Library at the University of California, designed by William L. Pereira & Associates, the collection is built around architectural lines that complement the season’s minimal aesthetic and oversized shapes.

The colour palette is juicy and packs a citrus punch.  Contrasting with last season’s moody hues, this season’s colour palette takes cues from the Indian subcontinent, incorporating orange and pink in both soft and shocking tones.

Traditional craftsmanship and attire is infused with sportswear and streetwear, achieving the perfect blend of cultures and styles.

It’s this blending and contrasting that undeniably makes Qasimi forever renewed.

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