After studying and working in Rome, Luca Falcioni moved to London to follow his dream of working in fashion editorial.

The Italian stylist started out working in Selfridge, but quickly noticed his talent for helping his clients feel good about the clothes he was putting them in.

A stint as a Fashion Editor at British fashion magazine Wonderland opened up a whole world of opportunity for Luca to go freelance, and soon his work appeared on the pages of Vogue, GQ and L’Officiel among others.

Here we speak to Luca about his journey in fashion so far, what his inspirations are, and which new designers we should be keeping our eyes on for the seasons ahead.

How did you get into styling?
It it all happened very quickly. Fashion has always been my life. I used to collect fashion magazines since I was a teenager, dressing up for school every day, creating my own style and keeping an eye on what’s going on in the industry. In the meantime I started my graduation course at La Sapienza in Rome, where I’m from. My first step took place at Fendi’s Rome Head Offices, where I started to work as an intern; at the time I was assigned to work in the brand archive, and I still remember that weird feeling… I was totally lost in the whole Fendi heritage. I was so proud and scared at the same time, especially when someone asked me to re-order Karl Lagerfeld’s design sketches… Karl Largerfeld is a huge inspiration to me.

Then after that I was a bit over my life in Italy and I decided to move to London, where I’m still based. I started working as a Brand Specialist and Manager in Selfridges, which is one of the most luxurious shopping destinations in London. Although my focus was based on sales, I noticed how I was constantly helping style my clients and ultimately realised how I was making them feel good in their bodies, giving them confidence. Therefore I realised that styling was exactly what I would have loved to do. Whilst still working in Selfridges, then I found myself as an intern at Wonderland Magazine and progressed very soon to Fashion Editor, working as a stylist, also styling shoots for their two other magazines; Man About Town and Rollacoaster.

I then left to pursue styling as a freelancer and have recently had stories published in Vogue, GQ, Esquire, Flaunt, Schön, L’Officiel and Tings and many others.

How would you define your vision as stylist?
I think my vision touches two different kind of styles, a good mix between Gothic and Rock’n’Roll. As a proud Italian, my signature perfectly reflects my DNA: opulence and sensuality. But these are just labels, I love experimenting all the time, it’s kinda fun.

What do you think makes a good model off-duty look?
I meet a lot of models every day, and I often see different ways to introduce themselves. Honestly, what really matters is their personality and their attitudes. I love to know where they’re from and their stories. But if I have to look it in the another way, I would highly recommend a bit-sophisticated outfit, being ready to face any kind of meetings during the day. Fashion means living in a very hectic environment, usually unpredictable, so I also must say to wear comfortable. I would probably exceed in accessories, to give just a cool touch at the final look before running in the morning.

What are your sources of inspiration for your fashion stories?
I have always been attracted to beauty in general, and all my interests for cinematography, music, arts and dance, still coexist with each other and constantly help me to express myself, my style and my work. I really believe that our destiny is written inside us and life is all a matter of finding the right path to feel happy. You know what… I am very Italian, and being Italian means that you grow up surrounded by history, culture, family. These definitely influenced my way of thinking and approach to life. Anywhere you go in Italy, you can feel fashion is there, not as a trend but as a way of being. We love quality fabrics, we love food. Probably the only thing apart from fashion, it would have been the food industry. Sometimes I think I would like to have a unique little restaurant in one of the little alleyways of Rome. Please don’t make me start talking about food…

New designers everyone should be keeping an eye on?
Definitely Daniel W Fletcher, Ludovic De Saint Sernin and Feng Cheng Wang.

Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in fashion?
Be yourself, don’t be scared of challenges. If you get in trouble, if something doesn’t work, that’s part of the path. Don’t dwell on negativity. Go ahead. Keep pushing. You’re the only one who can change your life. No excuses.

Greatest achievements so far?
Two months after starting my career as a fashion editor I was lucky enough to work on a 20-page fashion story for Vogue Portugal. The theme of the photoshoot was space. The model was dressed only in sliver clothes on the banks of the river giving the idea that it was in an alien environment. A month later I went to buy Vogue Portugal at Vogue House and once I saw my work printed in 20 pages I burst into tears of joy. That event made me realise that the journey I had taken was the right one, my true passion, and that nobody could have stopped me. Being credited in one of the most iconic and strong fashion magazines in the world was my greatest achievement.

Favourite recent designer collections?
From the SS20 fashion shows I loved: Dries Van Noten, Fendi, Saint Laurent and Dior.

Who and what is your biggest fashion inspiration?
The men of the 1950s Hollywood bad-boy generation like Marlon Brandon, James Dean, and Humphrey Bogart are a big fashion inspiration. They were able to be sexy even just wearing a white t shirt and denim trousers. It was more about the attitude than the clothes.

Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in fashion?
Be yourself, don’t be scared of challenges. If you get in trouble, if something doesn’t work, that’s part of the path. Don’t dwell on negativity. Go ahead. Keep pushing. You’re the only one who can change your life. No excuses.

You can see more of Luca Falcioni’s work on his official website here.