Moisturizing your skin should be a key part of your daily skincare routine – no matter what skin type you have.

Replenishing and hydrating your skin is essential whether you’re fresh out of the shower or facing dry winter air. To continually maintain healthy, radiant skin it must be hydrated to retain the moisture throughout your day. 

There are endless benefits to keeping your skin hydrated, but there are two important practices to consider when maintaining a healthy skincare routine. 

Reason 1: Regular hydration will better protect your skin against the development of dry, cracked and wrinkled skin. When your skin is properly moisturized it is stronger, healthier and more radiant looking. 

Reason 2: Daily moisturizer helps balance your skin’s natural production of oils. It is a common misconception that if you have oily skin you need to stay away from creams and moisturizers – this is false! When you purposely dry your skin, you trick your skin into thinking it needs to produce more oil. Instead of drying out your skin, replenish your skin with moisturizer after cleansing and exfoliating to help create a natural balance.

The Pure for Men team believes that simplicity is the best way to stay ready. That is why they have created the Stay Ready Cream, packed with real, natural ingredients that keep your skin fresh and hydrated from head-to-toe. Most moisturizers use chemicals and polymers that only temporarily hydrate while leaving your skin dry and tired after a few hours. 

The 100% organic cream is made with raw, natural ingredients like organic virgin coconut oil, organic virgin olive oil, and raw shea butter to keep your face and body drenched in hydration all day long. How often do you find a cream that can keep your face looking fresh while also keeping that hair, beard, and booty flawless? You will find no added fragrances here; just infused spearmint oil, clove oil, and rosemary extract to naturally fight odour-causing bacteria without masking your naturally gorgeous scent. 

The Stay Ready Cream is made with the most nourishing and organic ingredients in their raw form. Since there are no polymers, which are used in most moisturizers to absorb quickly into your skin so that you use more, you only have to use a pea-sized amount of our cream for maximum moisture. 

After cleansing and exfoliating, take a small amount and warm up the ingredients by rubbing together with your fingers before you apply to whatever body part needs hydration.

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